5 Most Common Engineering Interview Questions


engineering interview

Forewarned is forearmed, so before you step into that interview, be sure you know how you’ll answer the most likely questions: Tell me about a time when a project or assignment didn’t go as planned. This is a behavioral interview question and your interviewer is trying to assess your problem solving skills. Give an example… Read more »

Top 4 Engineering Careers for 2019


Aerospace Engineer While you immediately think of airplanes, aerospace engineers also work on multidisciplinary teams, engineering, design, develop and test spaceships, aircraft and missiles, and using knowledge spanning aerodynamics, avionics, propulsion, and materials science. Generally this requires years of experience, but not necessarily. This does require at least a related bachelor’s degree for entry-level positions…. Read more »

Is Engineering the New Gig Industry?


Define “Gig” Freelancing, contracting, moonlighting, side hustle, or the gig economy. Call it what you like, but it’s a gig if it’s a short-term project instead of or in addition to the traditional nine to five. These projects usually have a start and end point. Both parties know that the work might be temporary. Why… Read more »