How do I get paid?

You should use USPRO’s electronic timecard. (Unless the company you are assigned to has a different record-keeping method.) Please ask your USPRO contact for a copy of this on your first day of employment.

Ways to transmit hours: All timecards are due in the Payroll Department by 10:00 a.m. on Monday. You may send your timecard in via fax, scan or email. You can fax your timecard to 617-259-1957.

All timecards must be filled in completely, dated and signed by your supervisor. Any incomplete or altered timecards will be rejected, which will cause a delay of your pay.

If your timecard is not in the Payroll Department by the designated time, your check may be delayed.

PLEASE REMEMBER: It’s your responsibility to get your signed timecard here by 10:00 a.m. each Monday. If your hours are not in by this time, your paycheck will be delayed.

What if my paycheck gets lost in the mail?

We mail all employee paychecks out on Wednesday for the prior week if your timecard is received on time. If you do not receive your paycheck by the following Wednesday, inform your USPRO contact. We will place a stop payment on your check. A replacement check will be issued 3 FULL business days after we have placed the stop payment with our bank.

When will I get paid if there is a holiday in the pay week?

Paychecks are sent out a day later than usual during holiday weeks. Please remember: We are NOT responsible for the Post Office delivery schedule and normal mail delivery time may be extended.

Do you offer Direct Deposit?

Yes we do. A direct deposit form will be included in your initial sign-up packet. The forms must be signed and returned to us with a clear copy of a voided check.

Can I view my hours/pay online?

Yes, you will be able to view your paystub online.

Can I view and print my W-2 online?

Only if you have DD/access to online paystub feature.

What type of health coverage do you offer, and how do I sign up?

Yes, we do offer Health Insurance Coverage compliant with the ACA.

Do you have a 401(k) plan available?

Yes. You can enroll after 30 days of employment with USPRO. Please ask your USPRO contact for a copy of the 401(k) enrollment forms.

Do you offer dental insurance?

We presently DO NOT offer dental insurance to our employees.

What do I do if my address changes?

If you change your address, please inform your USPRO Representative right away.

What if I see unsafe work conditions?

Your safety is our first priority. If you see working conditions that are unsafe, report them immediately to your hiring representative.

What if I am injured on the job?

Report all work-related injuries to your job-site supervisor immediately. Then call your staffing specialist as soon as possible to report the incident. They will inform you of the proper procedure or refer you to your employee handbook for assistance.


Unemployment claims should be filed in the state where you performed work. You are required to check in with your USPRO Rep. upon completion of your present assignment for potential further assignments prior to filing for unemployment benefits. Failure to do so can and will affect your claim.

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