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  • The Different Types of Engineering Fields

    If you're new to engineering, trying to figure out which engineering major is for you, or trying to explain what you do to someone who isn't an engineer, it can be tricky to sum up all the different fields. Here we break down the six major branches, but under each branch there are literally hundreds …Read More »
  • Top Tips on How to Prepare for a Software Engineer Interview

    You've finally landed the interview with the company you'd love to work for, so what do you do next? Brush up on Skills the Company Wants Read the job description carefully and prepare yourself to be able to give the definitions and speak about the major benefits of the operating systems, and programming used. Be …Read More »
  • 3 Job Searching Steps When Transitioning from Military Life to Civilian

    Getting a job can be one of the returning veteran's hardest challenges. Translating military skills and experience into civilian terminology is hard, but it can be done. Prepare Ahead of Time Ideally, you would be able to prepare for civilian life while you're still in the service. Make sure to enroll in the Transition Assistance …Read More »

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